Education is the Key to Success!

(Classic Lash Extension Certification)

This course is unlike any other!

 20 full private, one on one hours. 

These hours will be scheduled 5 hours per week (2.5 hours twice per week) for 3 weeks.

The 4th week will be 5 hours (in one day). ​

Homework will be assigned each week. Note taking is crucial. Bring a notebook, you are creating your own destiny!
Your final will consist of a brief written exam and application of a full set.
At the completion of these hours, homework,final, and completion of 5 Classic Full Sets (sending in before and after pictures via email)
you will have earned a certificate from Sleeping Beauty Lashes to show for your patience, practice and dedication to the craft!

Classes are booked to fit your schedule.

(There are no set dates, though you must follow the syllabus. The course is 4 weeks long. No more, no less.) 

Syllabus Outline

Week One; 5 Hours (2 classes): Theory- History, Anatomy & Infections. Health & Sanitation. Allergies & Irritations. Lashes. Tweezers. Isolation & Placement. Homework.

Week Two; 5 Hours (2 classes): Homework review. Ask Questions. Removal. Theory- Adhesives & Retention. Taping. Isolation & Placement. Homework.

Week Three; 5 Hours(2 classes): Homework review. Ask Questions. Fills. Lash Types. Consultations & Waivers. Insurance, Marketing & Business. Basic Art.

Week Four; 5 Hours (1 class): Homework review & Questions. Written Exam & Full Set Application.(Bring a model) Certification upon Completion of 5 Classic Full Sets. Before & After photos emailed in.

This course was designed to give you time to become comfortable and confident as a beginner lash artist. Having a private lash coach and plenty of hands on experience over the course of 4 weeks allows you time to practice, retain information, and ask questions. 

With a thorough, solid foundation in applying lash extensions properly, your career in the lash industry will flourish quickly.


Have you completed a one or two day Individual Eyelash Extension Training Certification Class? Do you feel you need some help improving, understanding, or furthering your knowledge? 

Sleeping Beauty Lash Lessons help by coaching to improve your work, build confidence and increase your income!

From proper sanitation, to creating lash sets that enhance your clients individuality and all things in between, I am here to help guide you on your path of growth in the lash industry.

Each one hour lesson is customized to you and focuses on one or two topics of your choice to develop and improve upon.

A mannequin head will be used during one hour lessons for hands-on demonstrations and practice.

Examples of topics are.....

  • Sanitation, Contraindications & Eye Infections
  • Allergies, Irritations & First Aid
  • Isolation & Application
  • Volume Fans (only if you have already taken a Volume Certification Class)
  • Removal
  • Adhesive & Retention
  • Lash Lengths & Diameters
  • Eye pads & Taping
  • Tools
  • Timing
  • Fills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Healthy Natural Lashes
  • Lash Mapping
  • Eye Shapes, Artistry & Understanding Your Client
  • Business & Marketing
  • And more........

Before scheduling you Lash Apprentice Course or Sleeping Beauty Lash Lesson,

please review the following to be sure you qualify.

Are you a Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist? 

   Follow your states protocol.

Have you taken a Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Certification Training Class?

   Present your certification at your first Sleeping Beauty Lash Lesson.

Have you taken a Volume Individual Eyelash Extension Certification Training Class?

   Present your certification at your first Sleeping Beauty Lash Lesson.

Are you a Sleeping Beauty Alumni?

​   You may return for more lessons at a discounted hourly rate!   


Lash Apprentice Course ~ Classic Lash Extension 4 Week Certification Course & Kit  $1,500

One Hour Sleeping Beauty Lash Lesson  $95


  1. Visit the homepage of this website.       
  2. Click on 'Book An Appointment'
  3. Choose Lash Apprentice Course.

            If you do not see dates and times that work for you, please call 401-347-8896

A Foundation Kit is provided. 
Bring a notebook.
Arrive 15 Minutes prior to your first class.​​


  1. Visit the homepage of this website.
  2. Click on 'Book An Appointment'.
  3. Choose One Hour Lash Lesson.

             If you do not see dates and times that work for you, please call 401-347-8896

You are encouraged to bring your own tools/products & equipment however all necessities are provided for you during the Lash Lesson. 

Cancellation Policy applies. Please refer to the homepage of this website.

*Sleeping Beauty Lash Lessons is not a certification course. These are hourly, private lessons to improve your skill set. 

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