The best “are those your natural lashes?” eyelash extensions. We will use the most natural looking and feeling lashes on the market to enhance your natural beauty.

                            Full Set     $125  - 1 hour 45 mins
                            2 week fill  $55  - 1 hour
                            3 week fill  $75  - 1.5 hours


Want the au naturel look of classic lash extensions with the softness of volume extensions? Our exclusive, weightless classic technique is the modern, alternative to classic eyelash extensions.

                           Full Set     $175  - 2 hours
                           2 week fill  $65  - 1 hour
                           3 week fill  $85  - 1.5 hours


For the natural girl who wants a little more oomph. Our hand-crafted volume lashes are it! Each volume fan consists of 3-5 weightless eyelash extension per natural lash. Resulting in a fuller
lash line whilst remaining damage-free.


                          Full Set      $225  - 2 hours
                          2 week fill   $85  - 1 hour
                          3 week fill  $125 - 1.5 hours 


For the head-turning heartbreaker who wants the thickest, darkest lashes money can buy. We handcraft volume fans that consist of 6-18 weightless eyelash extensions per natural lash. This service is commonly known as mega volume.

                           Full Set      $275   - 2.5 hours
                           2 week fill  $125  - 1 hour 
                           3 week fill  $175  - 1.5 hours


Applied by one of our novice team members.  

                          Full Set      $90  - 2 hours
                          2 week fill  $45  - 1 hour
                          3 week fill  $65  - 1.5 hours

FILL FROM ANOTHER STUDIO   $125  - 1.5 hours

     **We have the right to refuse service if we deem it is a liability to attempt to enhance existing, inadequate eyelash extension work. $25 will be paid to our studio for our time if we cannot provide service**  

Lash Removal   $55  - 30 min

Brow Wax         $15  - 15 min

Henna Brows    $40  - 30 min
         w/Wax    $55

Lash Lift         $125  - 1 hr
        w/Tint    $150


Clients must return every 2-3 weeks for a lash extension fill. Why? Just like the hair on our head, our eyelashes grow and shed too. Each clients' growth cycle is different, return visits vary. 


Wash your lashes a minimum of 1x per day to keep your lash-line healthy and extensions clean. Lash hygiene is imperative to the future natural lash health and extension retention. We have a gentle organic foaming cleanser for sale.

*if you are oily, please blot you eyelids. If you are active, wash your lashes at your exercise facility.

After your wash, pat your lashes dry.

DO NOT wear gel eyeliner or mascara of any kind.

We ask that you reschedule or cancel at least 1 day (a full 24 hours) before the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged a cancellation fee.

A valid credit card number is required to reserve your appointment. Same day cancellation or failure to attend (no-show) your scheduled appointment will result in $20 to $40 (depending on the length of your scheduled appointment) being non-refunded and non-transferable.